Why You Should Choose Premium Car Tyres Over Cheaper Alternatives

Posted in Tyres (Car) on 26th October 2018

Driving your own car on the road can be a fantastic experience; you have the freedom to get where you want to go at any time you please. But with taxes, insurance and MOT's needing to be paid regularly, it takes a lot out of the average person's budget just to get it out on the road. Then there's fuel costs, repairs for wear and tear, replacement parts that are needed…the list is almost endless. So making savings where possible is an obvious ambition of any driver. So where would you start?

Many people may look at their car tyres to save money. Whilst they won't be the most expensive part of the car you'll ever replace, they are liable to wear away more quickly (and you need at least four of them) so the cost of replacement tyres will build up over time.

Being in plentiful supply, part-worn or budget tyres are particularly popular because of their low price. Whilst being more expensive, brand-new tyres are able to offer better performance. However, what makes a better investment? Should you go hunting for cheaper, bargain tyres that will do the job or invest more into new ones that will do the same job, but to a higher quality?

Making The Right Investment In New Car Tyres

It can be easy to assume that a good investment is something that costs as little as possible and achieves your goals, paying back the investment made in them. That's partly true, but a great investment is something that continues to offer benefits long after the initial cost has been repaid.

The differences between budget and premium tyres lies in the ingredients and raw materials used to make them. Often built for specific purposes, premium tyres tend to be made by recognisable brands (such as Yokohama) who are able to use their resources to create car tyres that are hardwearing and durable.

Budget tyres are often created by smaller brands who don't have the resources or materials that are as high in quality as those made by premium manufacturers. As a result, whilst their tyres may be cheaper, they offer nowhere near the same wear and durability qualities of a premium tyre. So which will prove to be the better value purchase in the end?

What About Part-Worn Tyres?

Part-worn tyres can be purchased for cheap from any garage in the country. With the legal tread depth of a road car tyre being 1.6mm, second-hand tyres must be sold at a depth of at least 2mm. This means that once on the road, they only need to tear away 0.4mm before needing to be replaced again. New tyres on the other hand generally offer a tread depth of 8mm and therefore have to be reduced by 6.4mm before exceeding the legal limit. You don't have to be a Carol Vorderman to work out that new tyres offer a far-more cost effective investment, if you plan on keeping the same type of vehicle for a long period of time.

Therefore, if you're looking for a long-lasting car tyre, a new premium tyre will offer a great investment for your car, keeping it running safely and soundly for years to come. This is why we are proud to stock a vast range of premium tyres by the renowned Yokohama brand.

Yokohama Tyres Direct – The Best Brands, The Best Value

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